Birth Made Mindful

We want you to believe in your capacity to birth your baby with strength, power and endurance.

  • Pregnancy

    Are you excited to meet your baby, but may not feel prepared when it comes to labor? As birth coaches, we teach mothers how to mentally prepare for labor! From exercises during pregnancy to movements during early labor and pushing positions, our course leads you to achieve a birth made mindful.

  • Delivery

    The overall experience of your birth depends on the support you surround yourself and understanding how your body is designed to give birth. Ensure you are informed and empowered to lead your delivery.

  • Fourth Trimester

    The Fourth Trimester, or the three months postpartum, introduce a new set of struggles. Bringing home a new baby and navigating through recovery can be enhanced through education and appropriately managing your expectations.

Course Highlights

Our Birth Courses are made specifically for parents by parents!

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  • No commutes

  • Comfort of your own home

  • Dedicated sections for birth partners

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Success Stories

““​​Honestly, I felt prepared for my birth. Sarah was my biggest cheerleader and mentor leading up to it! I don’t think I would have even thought about preparing myself or delivering unmedicated without her encouragement.” ”


“I wish I had taken the Made Mindful courses while I was pregnant because they were so informative when it came to finding the right resources for natural birth , inductions and breastfeeding. I highly recommend this program to mamas to be and even in your postpartum journey. I really enjoyed watching each video they felt simple & organic to understand. Made Mindful helped me and my partner understand more about natural birth, inductions, breastfeeding and more.🤍”


“Even though this was our third baby, going through the course was a great review that helped me get in the right state of mind. I also liked the affirmation cards, they helped me get some great phrases in my mind during early labor.”


“Let me start off by saying WOW and FIVE STARS! My review for the birth made mindful course is long overdue because I haven't found the right words to convey how much this course truly helped me through labor as a first time mom. The creators of this course are genuine and experienced with an authentic objective to help mothers make mindful decisions surrounding the birthing process. The resources provided are evidence-based and informative. In addition to helping laboring moms make informed decisions regarding healthcare options to include both pharmacologic and non-pharmacological approaches, the team behind birth made mindful also empowers mothers by emphasizing how our bodies were created to give birth and reminds us how miraculous and yet natural childbirth truly is. I found this course to be helpful for labor as well as postpartum care and would highly recommend it to all expecting mothers whether this is your first birth or even a subsequent birth as it truly does provide invaluable education and help mentally prepare you for the birthing process. Also, do yourself a favor and go buy the birth affirmation cards for yourself and anyone else who you know is pregnant because they are AWESOME! ”

Andrea V., FNP-C

“This course was so helpful in preparing me for birth and guiding me into the mindset of trusting my body and surrendering to the flow of my birth journey. I felt very empowered and prepared for birth after taking the Made Mindful course.”


Are you Made Mindful?

  • Birth

    In order to feel less pain, our brains need to register less pain. Which means our brain has to believe we are not in danger! In labor, pain is progressive and purposeful. With acceptance, we can relax into the process of birth.

  • Motherhood

    Motherhood is an endeavor that requires emotional, physical, spiritual and mental effort. Mindfully determining your values and priorities as a mother defines your intentions. This fosters peace for yourself and your family.

  • Mindful Moment

    Endurance, Power and Strength are needed for delivery, and developed each day throughout pregnancy.


  • Is this course only for first time families?

    No! Every baby is born, and every birth benefits from parents who feel confident and prepared. A runner continues to train for each marathon. A musician practices for each performance! In birth, you can prepare both body and mind so each unique delivery is mindful.

  • What if I want an epidural? Is this course applicable?

    Yes! Pain medication is just one of the mindful choices you get to make before or during delivery. We aim to provide as much information and education so you are equipped to utilize pain relief techniques or request medication. Your birth preferences are always paramount.

  • When is the best time to take the courses?

    Our Birth Made Mindful course starts from the beginning, so you can too. You can even take the course when trying to conceive, and revisit during pregnancy. The Fourth Trimester Course is best consumed during pregnancy, so you can prepare before your little one arrives.

  • What will I learn in the courses?

    Birth Made Mindful is an evidence-based birth course that educates and empowers women to have a positive birth experience. We focus on the physical and mental preparation for labor so you are completely prepared for any turn your birth could take. Fourth Trimester Made Mindful covers the essentials needed to truly thrive during the postpartum period. We cover mental and physical recovery, feeding your baby and infant sleep.

  • What sets this course apart from others?

    Our courses were created by moms passionate about families experiencing joyful and transformative births. Birth is natural and beautiful; but it is also a labor of love. Birth requires a strength from deep within. Strength that needs to be nurtured and fostered by an environment that honors the majesty of a mother, emerging or continuing to blossom in her motherhood.